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“Acupuncture No Better for Menopause than Fake Method” - Article Review!

 Recently, I stumbled across an article on Facebook posted by Richard Dawkins who is a renowned and outspoken atheist and scientist. This article, titled "Acupuncture no better for menopause than 'fake' method, says researchers" is obviously an eye catcher. Richard Dawkins comment on the article post was simply "duh". Not to mention the over a...

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Acupuncturist vs Physical Therapist

Let's Be Honest About Dry Needling: Part Two

 Acupuncturist VS Physical Therapist April 18th, 2017 The Denver Post published an article about the new lawsuit the Acupuncture Association of Colorado served APTA (American Physical Therapy Association) of Colorado for Dry Needling. Let's take a look at the ambiguity in the debate over training hours spent needling. In the Denver Post articl...

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Pain and the Brain

 Pain and the Brain: It's all in your head! The most common condition people seek an acupuncturist for is pain. Pain is such a subjective topic that most doctor's or healthcare providers cringe at the idea of treating pain because they feel it's so mundane or it's just in people's heads! Well, it is! Acupuncture excels at treating all kinds of...

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