Insurance Info

Not all of our Acupuncturists are in-network

As of Jan 2022:

Dr. Jill is in-network with:

  • VA/TriWest

Dr. Jen:

Not in network with any insurances.

We are working on getting her in-network with Medicare part B. Once she is in with Medicare, ANYONE who has Medicare who has Low Back Pain can come in for 8-20 visits per their insurance calendar year. It MUST be coded at Low Back Pain though!

Dr. Fick:

Is currently out of all network insurances and plans to continue to be out of network 


Please call your insurance and ask what your in-network AND out-of-network benefits are. We will verify that information after your appointment, but you need to know what your insurance covers before you come, otherwise you are liable for all costs accrued for treatments if your insurance doesn’t pay.

Health Savings Accounts: You can always use a HSA or FSA account card. Some companies will deny the charge if you pay for a package (they don’t want to pay for services not yet rendered). Some companies want proof of treatment which includes your diagnosis and treatment codes. That is called a Superbill and we can easily print/email you yours every treatment, free of charge.

Out-of-network reimbursements: If you want to bill your own insurance or try to get reimbursed for out-of-network benefits, please ask us for a Superbill. You will need to send that in to get reimbursed. We will not do this for you, as it takes time and money that we won't get paid for, but we can certainly help you - it’s really easy!

Motor Vehicle Accidents: If you want to use your Colorado Motor Vehicle Accident stipend: Every Colorado resident who has been involved in a motor vehicle accident, by law, gets $5,000 from their car insurance towards medical expenses. Most car insurances will require a primary care referral. We can absolutely help you through this process. Acupuncture is amazing for car accident recovery. We can either bill your insurance for you, in which you’ll need to provide to us your representative's name, phone number, fax number, and instructions for sending in the bills. Or you can pay us directly, and we can provide you a copy of your Superbill to send to your insurance company.

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