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Evergreen Medical Acupuncture


 For over seven years now, I've been doing acupuncture in downtown Evergreen, Colorado. As a native of Evergreen, I wanted to provide my services to my friends, family and to all the good people of the foothills. It was just me, my dog and one treatment room for several years. In 2013, I expanded my clinic from 75 square feet to almost 2,000 square feet—still in the same building next to the traffic light where all the action is. It's no longer just my dog and I manning the clinic. Now it's me, two other acupuncturists, an office manager, massage therapist, nutritionist, and I still bring my dog(s)! All that and I finally got around to creating an actual business name!

After graduating with my Doctorate in Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine in 2015, and working and living in China, I had transformed my acupuncture from kind of 'regular' Chinese medicine to 'medical acupuncture.' To my surprise, this is the style of treatment I was taught in China. My new business name is now Evergreen Medical Acupuncture, LLC. Although some what plain and boring, I think it really sums up what my practice is all about. I'm fully aware that 99 percent of the general population really doesn't know what medical acupuncture is. Or even what regular acupuncture is! But that's what blogs like this are for! So here's what we at Evergreen Medical Acupuncture are all about:

Our diagnoses are more extensive and integrated than traditional Chinese medical diagnoses. We take these often long-named,complicated diagnoses from your primary care providers, including MRIs, X-rays and blood tests and use them to treat our patients based off these real, tangible problems. I don't rely on subjective and traditional Chinese diagnostic methods of pulse taking and tongue inspection. I prefer physical exam to test range of motion and bodily dysfunction. I look at blood tests of patients to determine what is really causing the problem.Working with, and understanding the language of, the western medical field is vital—it's actually a huge piece that many holistic practitioners fall short on the most. Truly understanding physiology, anatomy and bio-chemistry are the bread and butter of my acupuncture treatments. My mentor in China would say, "Without MRI/X-ray pictures, how do you know where to stick the needles?" These tests and correct diagnoses are vital to the success of the treatment.Treatment is where we really shine.

My clinic is truly a treatment based clinic. I use acupuncture points that we know through evidence based science and research actually work! Most points I use are very close to or on major blood vessels or nerves. We use techniques such as micro current electrical stimulation, massage, cupping, dry needling, kinesiology tape, laser treatments, herbal and vitamin injections, saline trigger point injections, and manual therapy. Again, all of the treatments we use have been replicated in research studies and we know they work. Out of all the treatment techniques, though, needle techniques are my most prized talent that I am passing onto other acupuncturists worthy of it. I, too, was lineage trained in the Flying Needle technique which took me years to learn. Although now I have my own twist on it. I've deemed it the Flick Technique. The Flick Technique is essential to acupuncture because we can bypass large nerve fibers that alert the brain and stimulate the hypothalamus and front part of the brain. Traditional needle insertion has a more difficult time achieving this. I see great results using the Flick Technique which helps me treat conditions such as hormone imbalances, sleep problems, digestive issues and high stress responses faster and better than before. Beyond the results being superior with the Flick Technique as opposed to regular old insertion, it hurts less too. Often patients are shocked when I am taking needles out because they never felt half of them in the first place!

The last thing that makes our clinic truly unique is I give you homework. I expect you to be a part of your own healing as much as I am. Once you've provided me with your blood tests, I can determine what type of diet might suit you best, which organs might need a little help and what type of exercise you'd benefit from. Also, I'm a handout fiend —I've got a handout for almost anything, which are filled with little treasures of information. If supplementation is necessary, we prescribe only Prop 65-certified prescription supplements and only organic, USA grown Chinese Herbal Medicine. We base our decision for supplementation off evidence from blood exams that proves you do, in fact, need it. I always like to work with your team of doctors and practitioners to make sure that you really are getting better. There's actually nothing fancy about what we do, but we are the best at what we do—high quality medical care and preventive medicine. We just use science to help us do acupuncture. Keep an eye out for our expanding team which is going to be continually providing you, Evergreen, with awesome care and even better services to come. So every time you drive through downtown Evergreen don't forget to think of us!

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