About Evergreen Medical Acupuncture

"At Evergreen Medical Acupuncture we use an anatomy-based acupuncture system and functional medicine to treat almost any condition. We are Colorado's premier acupuncture clinic."

Evergreen Medical Acupuncture is a team of experienced Acupuncturists working with Dr. Christina Fick (DAOM). Dr. Fick has been practicing since 2009 and she ranks in the top 1% of Acupuncturists in the nation. She holds two Master's Degrees and a Clinical Doctorate. Dr. Fick has treated over 15,000 patients. Dr. Fick's clinic is one of the busiest acupuncture clinics in the state of Colorado.

Dr. Fick has Two Amazing Accomplishments:

  1. Mastering Medical Acupuncture which is an anatomy-based treatment.
  2. And the Flick Technique™ which is Dr. Fick’s unique needle insertion technique which is painless and more effective than traditional guide-tube needling.

Plenty of Staff, Plenty of Rooms, Plenty of Appointment Times!

We have plenty of appointment times that are flexible around you!
We have a BEAUTIFUL new custom-built acupuncture clinic completed in August 2019! Everything was built with the patient in mind. Soundproofing, easy flow, treatment room comfort, custom sound system, hydraulic tables, stainless steel antimicrobial surfaces, 5 gorgeous comfortable treatment rooms, two restrooms. Everything is ADA compliant EXCEPT the restroom - they have a 28" opening with handrails but are not wheelchair accessible. The treatment rooms, the front door and parking lot all are wheelchair accessible.

We Have a Team of Acupuncturists!

There are less than a dozen Acupuncturist in Colorado who holds a clinical Doctorate degree, and we have two of them!
All acupuncturists hired at Evergreen Medical Acupuncture work closely under Dr. Fick. They've been hand-selected and go through rigorous training to keep the standards high and the treatments superior.

We Offer the Best of Eastern & Western Medicine

We don't care where it comes from, we offer the best kind of medicine we can

Working in China you would think that Chinese Medicine is practiced in it's most pure and ancient form - Wrong! The Chinese now see the benefit of modern medicine and research and how it can be applied to the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is what we believe also. We try to use the techniques that get you better as fast as possible, we don't care where it comes from!

Often we will use blood pressure, blood serum tests, or neurological or physical exams to base our treatments off instead of tongue or pulse diagnosis.

We Treat Just About Everything

Between all of our Acupuncturists, we really can help everyone with any problem

Check out our "What Conditions Can Acupuncture Treat" section on our Why Acupuncture page for a full list of common conditions we see and treat.

We treat: Kids over the age 4, elderly folks and geriatrics, pregnant women, mentally and physically disabled people, acute injuries and sickness, patients with communicable diseases, and just about anyone else!

We do not treat: Pets and animals. Please see a licensed Veterinarian.

We Offer Advanced, Specialty Needle Technique

Dr. Christina Fick has mastered the Flick Technique
Afraid of needles? You're not alone, most people do not like needles. Dr. Fick has mastered the Flick technique which is an advanced and difficult to learn needle insertion technique. It requires speed and accuracy to flick the needle into place so that the needle prick is hardly felt. Dr. Fick has studied the effects the technique has on the brain and nervous system and it's effectiveness proves superior to traditional tube needling for most conditions. Dr. Fick trains many of the Evergreen Medical Acupuncture staff to use the Flick technique.

We Speak the Language of Your Medical Doctors

We value the information and treatments your Primary Care Physicians provide
One of the biggest differences of our clinic is our staff's ability to fully understand disease and pathology from a Western and science based language. Medical Doctors and Primary Care Providers (PCP) have the tough task of making a diagnosis for a patient. We support your PCP by providing a treatment to not only help the root cause but also with symptoms. We are often in contact with your PCP to communicate with them progress or get more information on your case. With this team effort, we find, you get better faster.

The Story Behind Our Brand...

Our logo is a spin on the traditional "YinYang" symbol often seen with many acupuncture references. The "YinYang" represents the opposing forces that work together. One cannot exist without the other. The brain replaces the "YinYang" and inside the brain is two chemical molecules: Gaba (on the left) and Glutamate (on the right). Gaba is like Yin; It is a neurotransmitter that is calming and helps with rest. While Glutamate is like Yang; A neurotransmitter that is excitable and helps with energy. The acupuncture needle in the middle symbolizes the ability to encourage chemical change within the brain with a needle, often described in ancient Chinese medical textbooks as the idea of Yin and Yang.

Evergreen Medical Acupuncture

30480 Stagecoach Blvd, Evergreen, CO 80439
Phone: 303-594-8348
Fax: 303-600-7873
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