Fertility Acupuncture

Fertility acupuncture treatments are tailored to each person, men and women, depending on their Western and Chinese Medical diagnosis. The cycle is 4-phasic: period, follicular, ovulatory, and luteal. Our goal is to address the hormones during each phase of the cycle. Treatments should be scheduled weekly to make sure all aspects of the cycle are working appropriately. If we determine there are issues during one or more of the phases, we may focus treatments around those specific times. From the time an egg begins developing until it’s released as a follicle prepared for fertilization it takes about 90 days. One of the goals with treatment is to increase the egg quality through acupuncture, herbs, and nutrition. You should expect to start with about 3 months of treatments to properly regulate the cycle as well as nourish the upcoming follicles to have the best chances of conception.

Acupuncture needles are inserted into the skin at points along energy pathways, or “meridians”, that travel throughout the entire body. The acupuncture points that are stimulated send signals to the brain and organs to bring the desired effect. Acupuncture works by balancing the hormones, increasing blood flow, and decreasing inflammation. For fertility, blood flow is focused to the uterus and ovaries to ensure well nourished eggs and a supple lining for implantation.

Western medicine has shown that acupuncture has a direct effect on the nervous system. By needling certain places, the body releases biochemical signals that stop the nervous system from being in a hyper stressed state. In turn this regulates hormones throughout the body and allows the body to relax, which is a vital role in the path to pregnancy.

Fertility acupuncture combines the long standing complex wisdom of Eastern Medicine and the modern research of Western Medicine. Chinese medicine diagnoses vary widely from one person to the next. Treatments are designed around your specific diagnosis as well as what we have learned to be effective in research.

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