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Detox & Cleanses

10 Day Detox Shake


This simple option involves no diet change, just a meal additive to help your liver detoxify quicker. A recipe book and informational pamphlet is added in to help you learn more about healthy eating and lifestyle choices. The detox is a high-quality shake that patients continue to request.

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21 Day Total Cleanse

$243.50 without probiotics ($272.90 with)

This option includes a delicious chocolate-flavored OR dairy-free unflavored option for a meal additive shake plus four extra cleansing support pills. The supplements include a fiber pill to combat constipation, a cleanse pill to further detoxify, and a green pill to nourish your system. The fourth is an optional but highly recommended supplement of specialty probiotics. We choose to use multiple different prescription supplement companies because we have chosen the best products for our patients. You will save money on groceries, and you get a wonderful meal planning booklet! This option removes protein for 7 days, then helps you identify your potential food triggers in the next 14 days as you add food back in. Patients feel amazing after this cleanse and do it year after year!

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Additional Anti-Inflammatories

$101.98 for one bottle of each

Add to option #2 above by our liquid and delicious tasting turmeric, omega 3, and brain-boosting supplements. These supplements are all cGMP certified and prop 65 certified meaning they are the cleanest and most potent on the market and only available to healthcare providers. This is great for the people who are really serious about feeling better. Especially those who have extra pain, maybe drank/drink too much alcohol, and have brain fog or sluggishness. If you're just getting into a new workout routine, the brain-boosting supplement is also the same supplement we use to help patients with athletic performance, as it increases nitric oxide and blood circulation.

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Not Sure What to Do?

$120 not including price of labs or supplements

Set up a Functional Medicine consultation with one of our Doctors. We will go over your past blood tests, set personalized goals, give you customized cleanse and detox protocols and recipes, then recheck your blood test numbers once your detox period is complete to see if your goals have been met.

$120 includes one 30 minute consult before your cleanse, and a second 30-minute consult after your cleanse is complete for a follow-up and repeat blood test check. We do not do online scheduling for Functional Medicine so call in to make an appointment.

Call to make sure we have the cleanse system in stock you want