Kinesio Taping (Rocktape)

K tape is an elastic cotton strip with an acrylic adhesive that is used with the intent of treating pain and disability from athletic injuries and a variety of other physical disorders. In individuals with chronic musculoskeletal pain, research suggests that elastic taping may help relieve pain. The tape is not meant to be like traditional sports tape where the goal is to stabilize a muscle or inhibit movement. The goal with K Tape is to enhance the blood flow in the connective tissue layer which is the space between the skin and muscle.
Similar to how "Breathe-Right" strips work for snoring is how K Tape works. With "Breathe-Right" strips a small elastic band is anchored on either side of the nose which causes a stretch or flare of the nostrils so more oxygen can enter the nose. With the K Tape, we anchor the tape first, then stretch the tape in the middle, and anchor again at the other end. This causes the skin to lift up just enough from the muscle helping to increase blood circulation and decrease pressure and pain. The tape stays on for several days, even in the water.

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